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02nd October 2012
I love the place. Well although I have not been able to trace my ancestry beyond 3 generations back in Glasgow, it feels like coming home. Thanks for the marvellous hospitality from Graham and all at Dunfermline Camera Club. I've posted Firth of Forth on the site, taken from the north shore on a morning venture with Graham.
Then we stayed up on the shores of Loch Rannoch, before moving up to the banks of the Spey. A little exploration of Insh marshes before friend Rob and I arrived at the foot of Cairngorm, Loch Morlich to be precise.
Quite a few landscape images and one of two of birdlife have kept us busy. Yesterday we discovered Cresties (Crested Tits). Today we walked way up in the Cairngorm range, which is a bit of a slog with a 600mm piece of glass on your back, but no Ptarmigan found. We did however stop off on the way down at the mountain outdoor centre, and I discovered a great place for Red Squirrel shots, one of which has now been elevated to the opening shot on this site.
All is very weather dependent, but after meeting a reindeer herdsman we have some good local tips for more Cresties, where to climb next for Ptarmigan (over Cairngorm to the North facing Corries), a possibility of Capercallie, and most challenging is where to have the best chance of spotting Pine Marten. They are around, but trigger flash kit needed which I don't carry. But a viewing would be just great...
Just love Scotland...