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Tandem Tour... 2nd week.

10th July 2012
Well, 2nd week began with a bang, and plenty of flashes as we fled the tent at 5am for the campsite games room. A storm raged for an hour or so, and on return to the tent at nearly 7am I was tempted to return to bed. Too late though as others began to pack for the ride. We headed north towards Guise, and turned to the west when roads got a little busy. Our journey extended by this detour we ended up near Guise as we followed the rivers north and east, looking for a farm camp site on the local information map. After getting lost and turning back we had decided to head into Guise, when we came across the equestrian farm which hosted a small camp site. It was well hidden with no sign posts but well worth the effort, with great views and good facilities for 6 euros per tent. After this long ride we headed west again with S & L, doing half the distance to Vernand, and then on again the next day to a schedule stop in Bapaume. We were passing through World War 1 battle sites and then on through the cereal growing planes that are familiar as you drive straight through for the ferries. Stopping in Bapaume for lunch did not work out too well, as the food and beer cost a bit, and the camp site marked 3 km up the road did not exist. And so a few phone calls later we headed off North East to the East of Arras, which was an extra 20km with bags full of supermarket shopping - to the next nearest camp site. A good stop it was, and with our friends keen to cycle on to Calais, and a wild weather forecast we decided to say goodbye to S & L and move the tent to a more sheltered spot to sit out the storms. It was a wise decision, as there were howling gales and heavy thunderstorms that followed the next day.