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Catching up

30th November 2013
Its certainly time to catch up with the blog. It has to be a good sign, as we have been pretty busy recently. The Martin Mere exhibition is coming to a close, along with camera club presentations and mini workshops. We have also been busy with the purchase and renovation of a house in Padiham, which is now ready to rent.
As will be seen on the slideshow, there are a number of autumn landscape images from the Lake district, along with a couple of new birdie pics. Thanks go to Keith Banister as we traded a place in his hide to find a Kingfisher in exchange for a presentation at Burnley Camera Club. Its been really good to link up with folk from an area in which I used to live, and we plan to stay longer as we are not venturing abroad until later in the winter.
Other camera clubs have been very welcoming across Lancashire, and thanks go to programme secretaries for booking me. I plan to return to give another camera club tour in September 2014, so if you see this and would like to book ahead please take note. I will have slots into mid October 2014. Special thanks go to Garstang CC who want to book a presentation for a 3rd year running. I have ideas about offering a workshop instead next year!
As for the photography, The Lake District has been rewarding, and there have been occasional bright days locally for Kingfisher and Water Rail. Pictures at Martin Mere have been challenging in the weeks of gloom, and in my attempts to picture the Pink Footed Geese, I have been working far more with the light and context, as the real feel for these is when you see them flocking and filling the sky.
Other events and bookings are being made, including Marion's daughter getting married after Christmas. We will travel to the South Coast after Christmas and return to Lancashire by mid January. The plans for the new year are less geared to events and exhibitions, and more to travel and photography. As the photography develops and evolves, so the motivation to try something different increases. Basically much of next year will be spent travelling and taking photographs in one way or another.