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6 weeks of rain.

09th May 2012
Arrived back in UK with friend Rob, after being spoilt in Le Teich, Bordeaux with temperatures well up in the high 20's. Marion had departed to see her grandaughter, and Rob had flown out despite missing his plane. The journey back was across the Loir,and Loire valleys and rural Normandy. Le Teich was great for Spoonbills and Black Kites, and Normandy excellent for Hen Harriers (showing what effect game keepers have in England).
Problem was that within 24 hours back in England it snowed! And its been cold and wet ever since.
The wet brings certain problems when living in a vehicle on grass, and we have needed a tractor pull. The exhibition in Chichester ran itself and was profitable which is always nice. Marion got us some space in the Brighton Art Trail, which continues as I blog.
We had planned to head East to Suffolk, to spend a few weeks in premier bird reserves, but life doesn't always follow the plans you make. My 88 year old mothers illness which flared up in February recurred, and so a trip to Lutterworth became the priority. In a bizarre week she was discharged from a Coventry hospital at 5pm and a 999 emergency call at midnight led to an ambulance being called. I was with her in the ambulance which got completely lost on its way to Coventry hospital. With a critically low BP we returned to Lutterworth nearly 40 minutes after the ambulance journey began. We were then whisked into Leicester and straight into resuscitation. I thought ambulance men were supposed to know their way to hospital!
So looking forward to finding some decent weather again (as we were so spoilt in Portugal) and moving forward with the nature photography, as there are a lot of ideas for exhibitions, talks and workshops later in the year.